Fragment 1.

February 13, 2011 § 4 Comments



The dust has risen from the holy ground, where she lay before the thunder struck

Before she uttered those white words, rising from the depths, ushering out, in a breath, like the first child born.

Foetal petals meander among stars kept in bottles with ships and sunken islands.  My thoughtless bow renders a sigh among the holy wed, they dance among spirals, in hidden corners of space – those ones.

And in all things the seeker of love will be heard, for gravity and such forces are laws, and in them codes are hidden: order, and symmetry.

It re-affirms this life given blessing; this simple knowledge, this state of thought, my mere awareness, aligns the chaos, un-clouds my thoughts,  and denominates, all states all realities, into a simple pulse – a truth.

Calamities, forces battling, rifts of light – swim through the void, and disappear.

There is a space that is infinite and it’s part of us.  Dive in below and dance.

ce that is infinite and it’s part of us.  Dive in below and dance.


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