Moses Melkonian – We Are Mighty, We Are Young

December 22, 2011 § 42 Comments

Video By Aaron Leaman // Website

Music By Moses Melkonian // Twitter


Tolstoy once said… “Everyone wants to change the world, but no one thinks to change himself”

I’ve always thought heavy ideas that are personal and subjective are best translated by music that’s easy to listed and to makes you feel good.
Like how a comedian deals with controversial issues, but breaks the ice and everyone laughs.

We are mighty, We are young came from a simple piano riff.  I never even knew this song was going to be on the album as it wrote itself in a week during the recording process of the songs. I feel in love with the chords straight away, there seemed to be a lot of scope and space in those chords, I could do many things with it.  It took about a week to complete and during that time I was sending it to and fro a few friends.

I feel often, and especially within popular music. Artists are very constrained in their lyrical content (bar hip-hop!).  The lyrics in this song were not written or thought about, they just came out there and then in the booth.  It felt real to me, I didn’t know if it worked or if it was radio friendly, but it hit me so hard… so yeah it stayed.

I knew this was going to be the main single on the album, knew it was Moses but more catchy and knew I loved it a hell of a lot. Just felt right. Aaron Leaman was like “i’ve got the perfect idea” !! So we made this video. More Coming soon.


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