A tattered old journal

January 31, 2012 § 14 Comments

It was one of those errands that linger over your mind, silently nagging until you get it done. A bunch of my old books, candles, magical objects, sketches, letters from loved ones and journals lay in a heap, with no shelf and no owner in my old flat.

So after much procrastinating, I went over with a few empty boxes to collect all my old books, and how good I felt for it. Among the heaps of penguin classics I found, amongst other things, an old journal that i had written in daily during my travels in the middle east. There are some memorable stories in there.

So, having made this important discovery (no really, very important!) I’m going to write out these disjointed entries and rambling into something of a Novella… Just for you guys. I will also include some photo’s I took with my Canon 300D in the relevant entries.

It starts in Istanbul and ends in Byblos, Lebanon…. Good times x


Triberr shutout

January 30, 2012 § 3 Comments

Thanks to everywho has have posted my music on their blog. This post is for you!

I don’t know if you guys have heard of triberr.com …. It’s a tool where bloggers can team up into tribers and automatically retweet each other, so everyone’s posts get to a larger audience. Here’s an article about it in more detail:


I’ve set up tribe called Fresh Tunes dedicated to sharing good music. If any curious bloggers would like to try this out with me sign up to triberr.com and join Fresh Tunes.

Big Moses Love to you guys….as always x

Monthly Round-up

January 27, 2012 § 19 Comments

So it’s been a busy month.

Thanks to all you guys for showing your support, it really is very humbling… maybe one day we can all have a party in the woods some place…

Here’s a round up of everything I’ve released since December. Big shout out to A.Leaman on this for making all my videos and being a lovely dude…

You can show your support by downloading my singles from below.


We are Mighty, We are Young // From the forthcoming album


Like Gods //From the forthcoming album


Like Gods (live)

Foolish Words

Fire//From the forthcoming album

Big Moses Love to everyone x

It was windy in the Sahara

Moses Melkonian – Fire

January 24, 2012 § 23 Comments


Wrote this song when I was about 15.  One of the first songs I ever wrote… First time it has ever been recorded.  Filmed and recorded by Aaron Leaman x


Thanks for all the support people… Big Moses Love x

Moses Melkonian – Like Gods (Live)

January 13, 2012 § 15 Comments

live, stripped back.  How this song began… Thanks as always to Aaron for making this video….

Help support this unsigned artist and DOWNLOAD

Moses Melkonian – Like Gods

January 10, 2012 § 30 Comments

Please share around, or repost as i’m trying to really get this out there! 🙂

Video By Aaron Leaman // Website
Music By Moses Melkonian // Facebook

You came like a cloud, bearing rain for parched ground,
And upon it grew, food for a soul,
Old and bruised,
Old and bruised,
“I wrote this song about someone whom I’d met, and it was like a miracle… I was afraid they were going to leave… “
So last summer Aaron Leaman gave me a call…  After having such a busy summer making videos for various local artists, somehow, he had no place to stay.  He was so dedicated to the local scene and to all the people within it that he had forgotten about himself… He slept in fields, wrote poems, made songs, fell in love and out of love… all within a few weeks.

The details are pretty chaotic… but during these series of events (which could be made into a pretty hilarious but beautiful short story) I went to pick up Aaron so he could live at mine for a few days.

The scene was classic… I went to the train station… all he had was a suitcase with his mac, camera and a few clothes inside it – that was all he needed, he wasn’t a materialist in anyway.

It so happened that on that exact weekend I had decided to set about recording and scoring out my debut album at KMD studios.

I had already recorded a few tracks from it and we decided to shoot a video for this single ‘Like Gods’ which has been collecting dust for a while now.

The way in which we shot this was by using a whole new video production technique which I simply can’t leak… It would be like a magician telling you how a great trick worked….Let’s just say no editing and lots of projectors.

Aaron and I are both very fond of a kind of film-making that we like to call “Real-Time.” This means shooting something where the final product has not been colour graded and hardly edited – the film-maker focuses all his/hers efforts on the capabilities of the camera to capture a raw and real emotions of the subject real-time.

Because of this technique the video took no longer than half an hour to shoot and there is not one cut in it.

As we drove home from shooting, we saw a massive corn field, stopped the car and simply walked around enjoying the vast space we found ourselves in, taking pictures and messing around… Here are a few snaps from the moments after shooting that video, I took these on my phone for no reason and tweeted them… now they are a part of a story… I love that.

It was a good weekend 

Something to warm these cold winter nights….

January 7, 2012 § 19 Comments

Here’s a little video that me and Aaron Leaman made after cleaning his kitchen!

It was a pretty cold night, we made ham sandwiches, had a strong brew of green tea, talked about girlfriends, paris, berlin….then made this…it was cosy.  

Something until the next single which is going to be released….very soon!

Thanks for supporting x


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