Review: Lana Del Rey – “Born To Die”

February 1, 2012 § 13 Comments

She’s made a massive amount of noise on the Internet… I liked this review and wanted to know your thoughts on her as an artist and her music. Big love guys x


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§ 13 Responses to Review: Lana Del Rey – “Born To Die”

  • Rebekah says:

    Coincidentally, I just saw her for the first time this morning in the iTunes Store. Haven’t heard her stuff yet. Will check her out!

  • BB_Baker says:

    A friend turned me on to her a while ago. I found out about the other stuff later, her name change all that. But a lot of the music industry is like that now. Look at Bieber and Gaga.

    I don’t care how you started as long as you can make great music. I like Lana, my wife doesn’t care for her very much but I do. I love her sound, it has a very retro sound to it and I’ve been listening to a lot of blues and jazz lately so they go good together. Some of the tracks are over produced, but take the good with the bad. For the most part I like the album.

  • Atari says:

    Surprisingly, this is a fantastic album. Definitely hits the old noir vibe that I like. Thanks for the share!

  • illusclaire says:

    I think she’s grand. I thought she was grand and then I heard a live set on the radio, and DARN! Maybe she’s grander.

  • Not sure yet. The SNL thing was, well, not great. I think I will reserve judgment for a while

  • John-Paul says:

    I came to your website because you “liked” one of my posts, and I think I’ll stick around. I have never listened to Lana, so I went and listened to Blue Jeans and Video Girls and I think it is extraordinary. Quite sad, and beautiful. I will certainly be finding out more.

    Yes, certainly blues. Sometimes even a Chris Isaak sound going on here – those big, reverbing guitars and slow drawling notes.

    While I am here, I should say that I have been really enjoying listening to your music.

  • jeg700 says:

    She is certainly never going to be mainstream and I found the songs on the album all kinda sound the same to me, and not a sameness that I would like to listen to often.
    That being said, the Born to Die song is better while watching the video…stark, hopelessness portrayed with the bleakest of endings will appeal to the dramatic tortured souls of the world.
    In the end, I agree with you…overrated and obviously looking for a hook to stand out in the crowd rather than being authentic.

  • mojobone says:

    Her SNL performance was my introduction to her music; I was singularly unimpressed.(the words, ‘trainwreck’ and ‘gawdawful’ came to mind) I was later told to watch her Youtube vids, I’d get it then, but meh.Tori Amos is a lot better at pushing the same buttons, but has tons more range and depth; an ocean, where Del Rey is a puddle, and autotuned, to boot. Hell, even Fergie can sing rings around her. As to her songwriting, I’d say her songs have a certain atmosphere, but they all have the same atmosphere, at least what I’ve heard, so far. Summing up in three words, not a fan.

  • The best marketing campaign I’ve seen yet — a “fail” on SNL that creates even greater buzz than if she’d performed as well as other recent bands like Florence + the Machine. Haven’t previewed the iTunes album but you’ve piqued my interest.

  • Oren Siegel says:

    Hype or not – she does have some great songs on that album.

    Granted, it’s not a perfect album, but rarely do we come across one these days

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