A Picture for a Poem

February 20, 2012 § 18 Comments

Firstly, sorry no content has been posted recently… I’m working hard on the album and it’s getting closer and closer to completion with each week that goes by – not so long now.

Anyway, a week or so ago, a thick layer of snow covered the ground like icing on a cake. I took some pictures, this being one of them… and a short poem.

A cold winters walk

Charcoal edges of black leafless tree’s cut through misty voids.
The silence is thick with foreboding, but everything is still.
A clump of melting snow falls and explodes effortlessly in to the stone cobbled ground – it’s bits finding nice warm corners, among the stone engraved cement valleys, or the cobbled edges of what once was a curb – before the snow came.
Birds fly from tree’s, alarmed at this minor sound, amongst the mass of quiet.

The woodland is like a criss-crossed-maze of sticks standing upright falling orderly into the unknown whiteness of the mass of morning dew, laying stagnant here in this valley – it will stay in to the day.


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