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March 19, 2012 § 33 Comments

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Here’s the new single Lunar Lull from the album The Voids .  It’s been an upward journey… but I loved every moment.  You guys have seen it all grow from the start.  In fact if you scroll down to the my old posts you can see the journey progress…. Thank you guys for all your shares and heart warming comments… this one is for you.

For any reblog, post or review I’ll give away a free download…. for anything super cool that I can’t even think of but only YOU can… you get a private skype performance 😉


Peace out people

Moses love


Something for a rainy day…. or a sunny one

March 6, 2012 § 15 Comments

Facebook –

Well, it was a rainy day… and this song felt fitting 🙂

Build up to #Moses album release

March 2, 2012 § 9 Comments

So, it’s nearly here guys. And I’m putting out for free for all you people, just to say thanks for supporting.

I have created a new facebook page for my music. If you want to stay in the Moses loop, and keep up to date with latest news, trivia and random musings… click the Image below and ‘like’ the facebook page 😀

Thanks for the support… More soon x

Moses Melkonian – Beirut Lights

February 4, 2012 § 24 Comments

I’m back in the UK after a great trip with my family to the French Alps (more later…)

For now I wanted to give you guys the back story to the folk song ‘Beirut Lights.’

I wrote it in a little hostel in Beirut, the melody kept creeping into my mind throughout my trip…

All these photo’s were taken with my canon 300D in 2010

Road tripping is a casual thing in Lebanon. The sun sets on a long drive east, to the mountains…

We  stop off for a coffee. A Bedouin and Beiruti exam out attire, we get talking and drink together… A cultural crossroad, A place of many secrets.

Epic ruins of a by gone age stand tall in empty plateau’s among mountains carved out by great storms many ages ago… Lebanon is a land of great history.

We navigate our way back to Beirut, through narrow mountain passes, and across open plains.

We picked up some soon-to-be buddies and hit the famous Beirut rooftop bars for a night I will never forget.

The next morning was hazy. I wondered Hama and admired the elegant Parisian / Maronite architecture… only in Beirut.

Lebanese families greet the morning, very casually, very Lebanese, no rush, just sunshine and smiles


The sun set’s in our palms. The night is ours, we were mighty were young…

Moses Melkonian Exclusive Interview with IDIOTEQ.COM

February 2, 2012 § 8 Comments

Click on the image below to read an exclusive interview I had with

A tattered old journal

January 31, 2012 § 14 Comments

It was one of those errands that linger over your mind, silently nagging until you get it done. A bunch of my old books, candles, magical objects, sketches, letters from loved ones and journals lay in a heap, with no shelf and no owner in my old flat.

So after much procrastinating, I went over with a few empty boxes to collect all my old books, and how good I felt for it. Among the heaps of penguin classics I found, amongst other things, an old journal that i had written in daily during my travels in the middle east. There are some memorable stories in there.

So, having made this important discovery (no really, very important!) I’m going to write out these disjointed entries and rambling into something of a Novella… Just for you guys. I will also include some photo’s I took with my Canon 300D in the relevant entries.

It starts in Istanbul and ends in Byblos, Lebanon…. Good times x

Monthly Round-up

January 27, 2012 § 19 Comments

So it’s been a busy month.

Thanks to all you guys for showing your support, it really is very humbling… maybe one day we can all have a party in the woods some place…

Here’s a round up of everything I’ve released since December. Big shout out to A.Leaman on this for making all my videos and being a lovely dude…

You can show your support by downloading my singles from below.


We are Mighty, We are Young // From the forthcoming album


Like Gods //From the forthcoming album


Like Gods (live)

Foolish Words

Fire//From the forthcoming album

Big Moses Love to everyone x

It was windy in the Sahara

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